Pre Natal Pilates

From Thursday 25th February we are adding a second weekly pre-natal class to our online schedule. This is to help support you during your pregnancy so that you have the option of two weekly classes with us. The classes are at 7pm every Monday and Thursday with our women’s health expert, Laragh McMonagle.

Our classes are designed to keep your body strong and energised throughout your pregnancy and will prepare you for labour as well as the physical demands of looking after your new arrival.

We focus on developing and maintaining deep abdominal strength as well as upper and lower body strength and spinal mobility. The class is suitable for those with pregnancy related pain such as pelvic girdle pain or rib pain.

If you are over 12 weeks pregnant with a low risk pregnancy, our live online pre-natal classes are for you. Sign up using our Intro Offer to receive two complimentary classes.