Embody Samhain Workshop with Katie Joyce Holmes 30th October at Reform Pilates

Katie will be leading her EMBODY SAMHAIN 3-hour workshop, retreat and sanctuary on Sunday 30th October @ 10am in Reform Pilates, Blackrock.

Katie says, “I am going to merge the contemporary Pilates studio and my other movement practises with the indigenous wisdom of Ireland’s many inhabitants. We will move on the reformers and the mat, with time for the great gifts of Samhain – cosiness, hibernating, reflection and nourishment”

What is it ?

Samhain means ‘Summer’s end’ and it will be our focal point for this innovative workshop The beginning of the Celtic New Year is a threshold into the rich, fecund, darkness of Winter. A calling to move inwards, to let go of what doesn’t serve us, to be still and to find stillness in the discomfort. 

We will use the wisdoms and practises of Samhain as inspiration to embody, to explore, to investigate and to nourish our minds, bodies and spirits. 

I want to experiment and see how I can bring the wisdom traditions of our indigenous ancestors, which honoured the spirals and fractals of nature, into the contemporary, clinical, linear setting of the Pilates studio on the reformer and mat.

This is an invitation to nourish yourself, to explore some of the great wisdoms of Samhain through movement and to take some time for reflection. 

How to book


All of my wisdom and practises come from various generous and inspiring teachers. To name but one on this post, contemporary Celtic wisdom holder and integral facilitator @marikennedywisdom with whom I have studied, worked and had enormous laughs with for the past 6 years and ongoing.

I am also planning a nature-based Samhain workshop in Wicklow/Wexford..keep an eye for further news.


Please contact Katie on katieholmespilates@gmail.com with any questions on this retreat.

Katie is also on Instagram on @ka_t_ie_j_h